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  • The Opatija Riviera

    The Rivera has been a long-time favourite of the Habsburgs, and their influence unveils itself in countless villas and unique architectural heritage, equally shared by the royal Opatija as well as the picturesque Volosko, Lovran and Mošćenička Draga.

  • Kvarner hilltops & hinterland

    Discover the medieval hilltop towns of Moscenice, Veprinac, Kastav and Trsat. Explore the town squares and ancient walls holding these forts for centuries on end. Take in their legends while enjoying local food and breathtaking views of the Kvarner Bay!

  • Mountain Escapes

    Just a short drive from Opatija lays the mountains of Učka and Gorski Kotar. Nature parks, walking trails, lakes, mountain springs and caves – this area unveils the extraordinary diversity of the region’s nature and tempt all those adventure seekers!

  • Kvarner bay islands

    The dream of a thousand islands starts here, at the Kvarner. This unique neckless of pearls adorns the entire Croatian coast and writes an uninterrupted story of Mediterranean lifestyle. Explore the islands in an unique style, with our majestic Riva!

  • Terra magica - Istria

    An olive oil region without compare, a home to vineyards, olive oil, truffles, as well as historic cities. Istria rightfully bears the name Terra Magica. The region invites you to taste the local specialities as well as the seductive Istrian lifestyle.



  • The Vineyards

    …entwined since the days of the Romans. From the superbly balanced Istrians and the potent Dalmatians to the resurging varieties of the Kvarner islands, Croatia’s vineyards invite you to discover if the gossip is true.

  • Olive oil philosophy

    The efforts invested into this ancient tradition have not gone unnoticed. Istria has been declared the best olive oil region in the world for the 4th time in a row! Picturesque olive groves span the eastern Adriatic with gifts of this divine product.

  • Land of truffels

    Now introducing His Majesty – Truffle of Istria! Too delicate to cultivate, truffles found thier perfect hideout in the Istrian forests, and from there, a way to our plates and our hearts. Explore truffle hunting, a unique gastronomic experience!

  • The gastronomic heritage

    Kvarner & Istria region offer unique cultural, historical and gastronomic experience. Whether it be the famed Kvarner bay shrimps, olive oil, Lovran’s marun chestnuts, local cheese, honey and figcake – the palette is diverse as the regions themselves!

  • Hedonist's paradise

    The culinary achievements of Kvarner and Istria regions will leave no palate indifferent. From Michelin restaurants, exquisite local bistros and taverns, to family farm restaurants and street food – you simply can’t go wrong!

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  • Ikalia - A spa like no other

    An entire floor dedicated to wellbeing, with majestic sea views to render your relaxation even more memorable. Discover this temple of health imbued with the mystery of goddess Ika and the ancient amber trading route.

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  • Exclusive treatments

    Rebalance your energies with our signature Ikalia Spa treatments featuring crystal sound therapy, fragrant amber, healing gold, and the mysterious waters of Ika

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  • Special Spa promotions

    Explore our special offers and pamper yourself with a deeply relaxing spa experience.

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  • Riviera Hopping - classic edition

    Explore the enchanting beauties of Kvarner bay and Opatija riviera with your own private transfer and a guide!

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  • Tales of Istria - Terra Magica

    Discover the charms of Istria – Terra Magica and explore its unique historical and gastro-enological heritage!

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  • Istrian Truffle Hunt

    Don’t miss the unique truffle season in Istria, with a day tour of truffle hunting, sightseeing and exquisite gastronomic experiences!



  • Riva Experience

    Embark on your own Riva Experience and explore the Kvarner archipelago in style, with hotel’s own Riva Aquariva Super yacht and a private captain! From short panoramic tours around the Opatija Riviera visiting local towns and restaurants, to full day tours discovering secluded beaches of island Krk and Cres – the choice is yours!

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