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Echoes of Antiquity

Two thousand years ago, a golden water goddess was revered all along the Adriatic, from Pula to Plomin. Her name was Ika. It was by her pleasure that the life-giving springs flowed. It is here – at the foot of Učka mountain, in the small town of Ika that carries her name – that fresh healing springs still gush forth under the salty sea.

Here at Ikalia Spa, where the mountain falls into the crystal blue Adriatic sea and fresh springs rise up from salty waters, we can listen deeply for the whispers of nature, and experience the ancient rituals of Ika. Rebalance your energies with our signature Ikalia Spa treatments featuring crystal sound therapy, fragrant amber, healing gold, and the mysterious waters of Ika

Opening hours: 09:00h – 19:00h

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