Ikador Maestro: experience conductor

Maestro takes care of every aspect of your free time. He is your Experience Manager. He will know how to hit the right notes in Ikador’s symphony of experiences, choosing and creating an unforgettable time, tailored to your desires and interests. All you have to do is enjoy yourself.

Experience the Kvarner region through the eyes of a local

Our Maestro knows the area as only a local can; he knows the hotel and its surroundings, where to eat, and the best place to watch the sunset. He knows where to go for a dose of art, or a superb espresso, how to get to the best diving locations, and where to go shopping. Tell him your desires and let him lead you into memorable adventures.

For everything that comes to mind

Like a private butler with local acquaintances, our Maestro is here to make your trip, your arrival, your stay, and departure as beautiful, pleasant and luxurious as possible. He will take care of all your needs and wishes at the hotel and beyond. Your stay at Ikador will be beautiful, filling your hearts and memories with thousands of tastes, colors and aromas, composed just for you.

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