The Nobilion seamlessly pairs the exquisite array of carefully picked local produce and the finest of wines to create the extraordinary experience of true Mediterranean. The Nobilion is not just a place of fine dining. It's a place of redefined luxury, laughter, and soul. A place of true indulgence for the modern hedonist.

Nobilion restaurant, a symphony for all your senses

Engage all your senses, especially your sense of taste, in our Nobilion Restaurant, an elegant, pleasurable space that offers delicious food, prepared from select local ingredients.

Nobilion reasons to visit

Only the best is good enough for Nobilion - from Istrian prosciutto and freshly picked truffles, fresh Kvarner scampi and extra virgin olive oil grown in local olive groves, to the finest indigenous wines.

Riva Privée, a corner just for you

Riva Privée is a luxurious, private experience at the Nobilion Restaurant, reserved for you and your favorite people, surrounded by timeless Riva design.

More details coming soon.