Ikalia Vinotherapy


The secret to longevity lies in Istrian vineyards!

Wine, the drink of gods, does not only elevate our mood, but it can be extremely beneficial to our heart. And while some parts of grapes cannot be used to produce your favourite Chardonnay, these valuable ingredients are proven to be extremely healthful for our body. Grape seed and skins are extremely rich in antioxidants and other active ingredients with excellent rejuvenating properties that activate blood circulation and can help with collagen, skin elasticity, luminosity, and radiance, slowing down the ageing process and increasing our longevity.

Discover the benefits of Vinotherapy in the exclusive privacy of your own Amber Spa suite. Your rejuvenating wine journey will begin with a full body grapeseed peeling. We use a special combination of grape seed oil and grape seeds mixed with brown sugar, olive oil, red vine leaf extract, soy raffermine for toning, wheat polypeptides and algae. After the skin is thoroughly exfoliated, the therapy will continue with a deeply hydrating full body wine wrap that will and remove dead skin cells and detoxify. While the wine wrap is developing, you will receive a gentle head and sculp massage.

The therapy will conclude with application of luxurious grape serum. The relaxing motions will improve your blood circulation, as well as rejuvenate and tone your skin. After we apply a deeply moisturising grape lotion, your skin will feel softer, plumper and visibly radiant! As perfect finishing touch, reward yourself with a glass of fine wine while you admire the beautiful views of Kvarner bay from our spa terrace!

Ikalia Vinotherpy

  • Consutations with our spa therapists
  • Full body grapeseed peeling
  • Grape body wrap
  • Grape serum

80 min | 187€ per person

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