Meet me by the fireplace - Rum Edition

Friday, 24.02.2023. - from 20:00h

Meet me by the fireplace - Rum Edition

Enjoy a cozy evening by the fireplace in our Edgar Cigar bar, with an exclusive pairing of cigars and premium rums!

Rum Pairing

  • ~ Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado
  • Nicaragua, Vitola: Figurado, Ring: 52, Lengh: 241,5 mm, Strengh: • • • •
  • In 2012, to pay tribute to the first man in the family to grow cigar tobacco, Oliva added a version of Melanio, which differs from the original by the wrapper from the sumatra seeds grown in Ecuador. Oliva Serie V Melanio has rich leather notes framed by a string of coffee, caramel, and woody intonations. It is a classic of beautiful white smoke. This cigar is 2014. by cigar aficionado magazine was named cigar of the year and scored 96 points.


    • Diplomatico Exclusiva Reserva, Simple Syrup, Lemon
    • ~ZACAPA EDICION NEGRA, Guatemala
    • Diplomatico Exclusiva Reserva, Demerara, Choco Bitter, Orange Bitter
    • 70€ (527,42kn) per person

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