Terms and Conditions

IKADOR LUXURY BOUTIQUE HOTEL & Spa is owned by AUTO ZUBAK – ZAGREB d.o.o., a limited liability company with a registered office address in Sesvete, Ljudevita Posavskog 7/a, Croatia, Croatian tax number (PIN) 34970126847.

1. Basic information about AUTO – ZUBAK ZAGREB d.o.o.

AUTO ZUBAK – ZAGREB d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as “AZZ”) is a company registered at the Commercial Court in Zagreb, Croatia, Company Reg. No. (MBS) 080460635, PIN 34970126847. The 13.395.553,79 EUR share capital has been paid in full. Authorised representatives: Pavo Zubak, Chairman of the Board, Marina Huss, Member of the Board, Dubravko Skender, Member of the Board. Business transaction account held at Zagrebačka banka d.d., IBAN HR2823600001101667278.

Email: info@ikador.com
Infoline: +385 51 207 020

2. Application of the General Business Terms and Conditions

This General Business Terms and Conditions are the terms of service you agree to by using our website www.ikador.com (hereinafter referred to as the “website”). All bookings and/or orders made by users at a distance, i.e. on this website, are subject to our Sales Policy you may find here and which constitutes an integral part of this General Business Terms and Conditions.

This website can be visited by legal and natural persons. By using this website (after the home page is loaded) the user indicates acceptance of this General Business Terms and Conditions and warrants that he or she has reached the age of majority and has legal capacity to enter into a contract. If you do not agree to this General Business Terms and Conditions, please refrain from using this website.

If deemed necessary, AZZ reserves the right to update or amend this General Business Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice. By using this website after the updated General Business Terms and Conditions has been published, the user indicates acceptance of the updated version, so we recommend you check the website for updates from time to time (General Business Terms and Conditions).

3. Website terms of use

Access to this website granted by AZZ is limited and can be used for non-commercial purposes only.

AZZ makes a special effort to keep the information published on the website accurate and updated. However, the contents of the website may include technical or typing errors or omissions for which AZZ may not be held liable. The rates and information are subject to change without prior notice.

Reliance should not be placed on the information on this website for making any important personal or business decision and the user hereby acknowledges that we may not be held liable for possible nonfulfillment of its expectations or negative outcomes and similar. By using this website the user agrees to the use of its contents without any guarantee whatsoever and assumes exclusive and sole responsibility for using the website.

All data, information, materials etc. provided by the user must be true and accurate. Inaccurate and false data will be deemed fraudulent misrepresentation and appropriate legal action will be taken.

This website may be used for legitimate booking only, and by using it you agree to refrain from using it for any other purpose, including, but not limited to speculative, false or fraudulent booking and similar.

If a booking is made on behalf and/or for the account of another person, the person making the booking guarantees its legal authorisation to do so, otherwise that person will be charged all costs resulting thereof.

This website may include links to other websites. If you decide to access other sites linked to our website we disclaim any liability resulting thereof. Our use of links on our website does not imply that we advocate or approve the contents, ads, products, services, policies or other materials posted or linked on the linked websites.

The user is responsible for the procurement and maintenance of its IT equipment, including all hardware and software and any other equipment enabling access and use of this website and any charges resulting thereof.

AZZ uses the latest and the safest technology for its website. However, as the website is public, AZZ disclaims any liability for possible damage caused by the use or inability to use this website, including, but not limited to: computer viruses, spyware, equipment failure or malfunctions, Internet outage and loss of telephone service, ISP, electronic or hardware problems or malfunctions of any kind. Please protect your data and/or system by installing antivirus software.

By using this website you undertake not to use robots, spiders or any other automated devices or manual processes to monitor or copy any part of the website or any content or information posted on it.

Equally, you undertake:
– not to use this website to send chain letters, junk or spam, propaganda (commercial or non-commercial) or bulk mail of any kind, including, but not limited to mass emails sent to any recipient who has not expressly consented to be on such list and,
– not to introduce computer viruses, worms, time bombs and/or any other content to this website that may be used to destroy, harm, interrupt or take control of any system, data or information or make AZZ liable in any way.

Users will be held responsible for any damage caused by a breach of any right and/or for other type of damage that may result thereof.

4. Intellectual property rights

The content of this website is protected by copyright owned by or licensed to AZZ by third parties. AZZ also reserves the right to select and customize the content of this website. This website has trademarks, names of individuals and other similar intellectual property of which AZZ is the owner or the licensee or/and has been granted the right to use.

Any photographs, images and other materials posted on this website are owned by AZZ and (such material) may not be used without AZZ’s written consent. Also, users are not allowed to use any materials on this website for commercial purposes or for marketing products or services of any kind.

You are prohibited to publicly display, transmit, publish, modify, reproduce, distribute, and participate in the transfer or sale, copy, dispatch or any use of the entire content of this website or any part thereof or to select or customize it without AZZ’s express prior written consent.

The defined permission and the granted right to use this website may not be subcontracted or assigned to third parties and any intentional and attempted transfer, subcontracting or assignment will be null and void.

By using the materials on our website media visitors consent to fully abide by the restrictions, terms and requirements established herein. AZZ neither warrants, nor gives the right to object to the accuracy and comprehensiveness of any material posted on the website and disclaims any liability for any consequential loss or damage that may by incurred by the user due to differences in the interpretation of the materials posted on the website.

5. Accommodation booking process

Follow these steps to book accommodation on this website:

• Click ‘BOOK’ to access the page https://hotel-ikador.book-official-website.com/ that will enable you to complete the booking process in three steps.

• the first step of the booking process requires the user to select the arrival and departure dates on the ‘AVAILABLE’ page and to enter the number of adult guests and children, as well as the children’s age. The user is then given an overview of all the room options available, their description and amenities, and all applicable rates and offers. By clicking ‘SALES POLICY’ next to every offer/price list, the user can access the terms applicable to bookings.

• the second step gives the user access to ‘BOOKING DETAILS’ with the summary and overview of the parameters selected on the previously viewed ‘AVAILABLE’ page. After checking the previously selected booking parameters, the user has an option to select the type of bed and make reservations for extra amenities subject to supplemental charge. Before completing the booking process, the user is advised to carefully check all selected parameters, as well as the total cost.

• the third and final step of the booking process requires that the user enters personal and contact details on the ‘BOOKING CONFIRMATION’ page and in addition to options to enter comments, wishes and instructions for the hotel, there is also the option to enter the planned arrival time. The user can select the desired type of booking guarantee, i.e. the type of credit card to be used for payment. After entering the number, validity date and cardholder details, the user confirms awareness and acceptance of:

1. Sales Policy
2. General Business Terms and Conditions
3. Privacy Policy
After the user confirms acceptance of all of the above by clicking on the ‘BOOK’ button the booking is finally confirmed and all the terms and conditions thereof.

After completing the online booking process, within a few minutes the official booking confirmation will be emailed to the email address the user provided when completing the third step of the booking process. The booking confirmation email includes a summary of all the selected parameters and booking terms of use and a unique booking code to be used to identify your booking in case you need additional information or to change or cancel your booking. If the booking confirmation email has not arrived within 3 hours from the completion of the booking process, please send an email to info@ikador.com or call us at +385 51 207 020.

After receiving the booking confirmation the user is requested to check all the details and in case of any ambiguity or error send an email to info@ikador.com or call +385 51 207 020. The hotel has no obligation to accept subsequent complaints to the booking made on arrival at the hotel. When checking in at the hotel reception the guest is required to show the booking confirmation or the unique booking code.

Through an online booking engine provided by PHOBS d.o.o. and its secure online payment gateway, your card details are sent to AZZ as a payment and booking guarantee.

Except on this website, booking is available through other specialized web services (so-called online booking systems) and in such cases the user is required to provide all data required in the booking process. The applicable price of service is indicated in the offer generated through the online booking system or issued by the Booking Department. Contract services cannot be combined with other promotional offers or packages, unless agreed otherwise. Services with extra fees are not included in the price and are payable in addition to the regular charges. Regardless of the booking method, i.e. whether made through other web services, this General Business Terms and Conditions apply to the user unless contrary to the terms and conditions published on the web service through which the booking was entered.

In the booking process the user accepts to: have valid travel documents, abide by customs and currency regulations of the user’s country of origin and transit and check if there is a visa requirement for the destination or its neighbouring countries.

Once you have completed the booking process, you have entered into a legally binding contract for non-residential accommodation services and AZZ has to provide the accommodation you have booked and paid for. If AZZ is unable to provide accommodation on the date indicated in your booking, you will be contacted by phone and/or email to cancel your booking. AZZ will take all necessary measures and use all resources to provide the accommodation you booked, but disclaims any liability for cases of force majeure, bad weather, changed circumstances and similar.

On arrival the guest has to show a document/certificate as a proof of booking and a personal document necessary for registering stay with the local authorities. In addition to this document and other documents referred to herein, the user is subject to the House Rules and all applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Croatia.

AZZ will not be liable for any conduct of the guest involving extremely aggressive behaviour, vandalism or misdemeanours or more serious criminal offences. Under such circumstances AZZ has the right to terminate the accommodation or any existing booking without the right to compensation or a refund and has no further responsibility in terms of resolving the incident.

AZZ will calculate the total cost of your stay and issue an invoice at Ul. Svetog Nikole 2, 51 410 Ika, Croatia, on the day of your departure.

6. Exclusion of the right to unilateral termination of the contract

Pursuant to Article 79 paragraph 12 of the Consumer Protection Act (OG no. 41/2014, 110/2015, 14/2019, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Consumer Protection Act’), after entering into the contract the user (consumer) does not have unilateral termination rights, as the subject matter of the contract are non-residential accommodation services.

7. Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice is an integral part of this General Business Terms and Conditions and is available here.

8. Governing Law

AZZ aims to resolve any dispute amicably. This General Business Terms and Conditions is in compliance with the law of the Republic of Croatia and any use of this website, Privacy Statement and General Business Terms and Conditions any dispute in connection with the above is subject to Croatian law and falls under the jurisdiction of Zagreb courts.

9. Notification on how to file ad consumer complaint

In keeping with Article 10 of the Consumer Protection Act IKADOR LUXURY BOUTIQUE HOTEL & Spa owned by AUTO ZUBAK – ZAGREB d.o.o., Sesvete, Ljudevita Posavskog 7/a, Croatian tax number (PIN): 34970126847 shall enable consumers to file written complaints, i.e. undertakes to accept written complaints about the service and respond in writing not later than within 15 days from the complaint received date. Consumers can submit service complaints by mail to AUTO – ZUBAK ZAGREB d.o.o., Ljudevita Posavskog 7/a, 10360 Sesvete or by email to info@ikador.com, and AUTO – ZUBAK ZAGREB d.o.o. hereby undertakes to respond to customer complaints in writing not later than within 15 days from the received date.

In Sesvete, 5 March, 2020